Cuba Havana Varadero


Cuba, Havana and Varadero have long been amongst of the worlds top travel destinations dating back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus first landed on the beaches of Cuba. Since then Cuba has become the center of the New World and a pleasure palace for the adventurous modern day tourist because it literally has everything you can hope for in a spectacular vacation holiday.

Havana Cuba was the center of the new world for over 500 years. Blessed with its art, culture, museums, salsa dancing, architecture and rich history, Havana today is still considered the Jewel of the Caribbean. Havana was considered the capital of business mixed with fun in the sun for hundreds of years until the Cuban revolution of Fidel Castro in 1959. Today Havana has been perfectly preserved to a time long forgotten when you could actually enjoy your life just by walking around the street of Old Havana.

Varadero Beach has been voted the “Worlds Top Beach” for many reasons above and beyond its magnificent immaculate white sand beaches and emerald blue Caribbean warm waters. Varadero was originally developed by the worlds most rich and powerful industrialist as their exclusive private summer playground. Today Varadero beaches are enjoyed by millions of lucky tourist from around the world.


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